Courses For all

Courses Freestyle

Come to ride on the famous VARSPARK with the advices of your ESI coach and the good atmosphere of the group to have fun and progress on all the modules adapted to your level.

3* or 6 sessions of 2 hours from 12:30 to 2:30pm

3 sessions (Sunday/Monday/Tuesday or Wednesday/Thursday/Friday)

I subscribe stage "pure freestyle" I acquired the diamond crystal level down from the black slopes in improved cornering, remains balanced on the jumps and in all types of snow. Think of the package and all the necessary equipment: helmet, back protector recommended and double ski tip for freestyle

Courses Techniski

Improve your technique and style!
A complete and fun training course for teenagers to progress both on and off piste and in slaloms (from 14 years old)

I subscribe stage "techniski" I acquired the diamond crystal level "goes down the black slopes in improved cornering, remains balanced on the jumps and in all types of snow Think of the package and all the equipment. required: helmet, back protection and technical advice to ski slalom trainings .The training starts on Sunday and ends on vendredi.

FUN courses to continue to progress after the diamond crystal.
Several level groups are set up to evolve well in off-piste skiing, off-piste and snowpark.

I subscribe training"mix slides". I acquired the diamond crystal level "down the black slopes in improved cornering, remains balanced on the jumps and in all types of snow Think ski pass and all l. necessary equipment. helmet, back protector and advised twin tip ski for freestyle .The training begins on Sunday and ends on Friday Bring a USB key or sD card, the monitor will give you the photos and short videos that have been made during week. 

Courses Teenager 

You come to us and you know our internships by heart? 
Then come and ride with us and your friends in the snowparks and our best secret spots. 

Our lessons include none insurances and the rescue by ski patroller on the ski slope are paying, we deeply recommend you to sign an insurance for the practice of the ski (with the ski pass or by paying ski pass with credit card like premier/gold..etc)


Appointment: in front of the chairlift "Sibières" to 10 meters from our cottage.





From 150,00 €



From 205,00 €


Mix glisse


*During the French school holidays the weekly group lessons are of

6 days from Sunday to Friday   

 Christmas -10am to 12:30pm (220€)  

 February -10am to 12:30pm (220€) or 12:30pm to 2:30pm (155€) 


*Outside French school holidays, group lessons are of

5 days from Monday to Friday / from 10am to 12:30am (190€)


Course Ado

From 150,00 €