Freeride Confirmed



To learn off-piste practices and techniques, to improve your skills, or just to trace with more security the best secret spots accessible by ski lifts (possible short approach steps).

Freeride Rando

Ideal for finding new virgin spaces by combining the ski lifts and the approach or return steps by ski touring (or snowshoeing if you are snowboarding).

 Perfect to start hiking and make beautiful tracks !!


Half-day or full-day outing away from the ski lifts.

An unforgettable experience, conquering a pass or a summit.

Enjoy virgin space on the descent with the advice of our specialists.


(session of 2 hours minimum/ 5 people maxi)

1 Person: 47€/hour

from 21/12/2019 to 06/01/2020 : 51/h

from 10/02/2018 to 10/03/2018: 52€/hour

Extra person : 10€/h

Session of 3 hours (5 people max): 195€.

Half day (4 hours): 260€.

Full day ( 7 hours) 370€.