Ski Group Kids Beginner to expert

Group lessons Weekly : 

- Green Mouse &  Bronze Mouse :  Cocooning atmosphere: maxi 6 children beginners or not very initiated.

-  Beginner + 7 years old : My child has never skied, and he's over 7 years old.

- Cristal lesson : ( Cristal - Bronze Cristal - Silver Cristal - Vermeil Cristal - Gold Cristal - Diamond Cristal )

 > Cristal : I register my child in "cristal", he has acquired the bronze mouse level, he masters his speed and snowplough turns on easy green and blue runs.

 > Bronze Cristal : I register my child in "bronze cristal", he has acquired the crystal level, he descends easy green and blue runs in elementary turns, he can cross the slope on skis.

 > Silver Crystal: I register my child in "cristal d'argent" he has acquired the level cristal de bronze he descends blue slopes in elementary turns and starts parallel turns, he finishes all his turns in skidding.

 > Vermilion crystal: I register my child in "Vermilion cristal": he has acquired the silver cristal level: he descends blue and red tracks in parallel turns and knows how to do the skater's step.

 > Golden Crystal : I register my child in "golden cristal": he has acquired the level of vermeil cristal: he can skate down red tracks in parallel turns, has a notion of sculling and can stop anywhere in skidding.

 > Diamond crystal: I enrol my child in "diamond cristal": he has acquired the gold cristal level: he runs down red and black slopes in perfect turns, has a good command of sculling and can stay balanced on jumps.

Group lessons 3 days available for the Cristal lessons on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 12:30pm to 2:30pm.

- Course Mix Glisse : FUN courses to continue to progress after the diamond cristal.

Our lessons do not include any insurance and as ski rescues are not free, we strongly recommend that you take out a ski insurance policy (which you can take out when you buy your ski pass).

Think about the ski pass and all the necessary equipment: helmet, gloves, sunglasses and sun cream; bring a small snack. Lessons start on Sunday and finish on Friday. The medal corresponding to the level acquired is offered to the child on the last day by the ski instructor.